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Human Resources Outsourcing Solutions

Outsourcing is a management strategy used by companies to enable owners, executives, and managers to focus on the heart of their business.  When management is focused on keeping your company competitive, increasing profits, attracting and retaining more customers, your efforts are impacting the bottom line for the better.  However, if you are constantly distracted from these vital functions to handle administrative tasks related to payroll, medical benefits, MPF and recruitment, you are unnecessarily diverting energy to non-core functions.


Outsourcing your human resource functions works because it eliminates the administrative burden of running a business and therefor frees up your time to do what you do best making your company a thriving and profitable business.


“You already have and HR Department…..Wouldn’t you rather have your Human Resources Staff working to create and maintain a vibrant and enthusiastic workforce?”


Management development, strategic planning, organizational training, employee coaching, these functions will actually impact your bottom line and make your largest asset your employees the most valuable investment your company has.


SysTec offers a comprehensive HR service that can take the hassle out of recruitment, payroll and training.  We understand the needs of the property and service industries and can tailor make a HR solution from the following functions for your company:


Compensation and Benefit Management

Data Maintenance/Records Management

HR Compliance

Payroll and MPF

Performance/Development Reviews

Recruitment and Employee Selection


Taxation Form Preparation